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Haygrove Growing UK employs up to 1000 workers in a season, many of whom return year on year enabling us to deliver the best fruit to our customers with experience. For full details on working and living at Haygrove Growing UK, please download our brochure:

Haygrove Seasonal Brochure

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Haygrove also employs over 1000 in South Africa and 500 in Portugal, which are all local to the farms.

Why Haygrove is different to other farms:

  • Haygrove could change your life. You could come as a student and leave as a leader of a team.
  • Fast pickers earn more than anyone and keep coming back to pick
  • The Haygrove Academy will fully train you for your role and keep training those who return to work in new roles higher up the company

Why Haygrove is better:

  • There are clear incentives for workers to be motivated and do a good job
  • You have a big opportunity to earn good money
  • Farm operates 12 months a year
  • The best people are employed and promoted
  • Every single person gets taken care of 24hrs a day
  • There is a chance you will be selected to come back next year
  • We work hard and play hard!